I tasted your product for the first time at Costco in Las Vegas. My friend found you and shared one of the spinach and cheese pizzas with me. I liked it so much that I made a special trip to Costco to buy some of my own. The crust comes out really great and the cheese is just the right amount. Anothr plus for me is that one whole pizza is only 4 Weight Watchers points!'

This one I think is my favorite. The sauce is really nice and tangy, but not too tangy. By itself, it''s only 3 Weight Watchers points. Sometimes I''ll add some grated parmesan cheese for 1 extra point.'

'There were repsenatives from this company at our Costco in Arizona. These guys were super nice people. The were handing out samples and everyone was buying. I bought some and they are great. Easy easy meal or side dish. You will enjoy. My 6 year old son does.'

'As the saying goes..."Best things since sliced bread!" This veggie focassia is just the right balance of seasoning, sauce and bread thickness. Eaten individually is great and I tried as a super-quick snack/hors de oeuvre topped with fresh cheese, herbs and tomatoes on the barbeque/grill and the result was heaven. Hungry kids - teenagers in your house?'

'I got this at Costco tonight and everyone in my family loved it.Too bad there is no bakery here.'

'Like the other review on the cheese focaccia, I too discovered this bakery at Costco today. Man - what a deal it was there! I got three packages for 12.99! The mediterranean pepper is great tasting - Pros: awesome for a scack or a full meal, and has a bit of a kick to it. Cons: maybe abit on the salty side, and you definitely do not get the deal online that you do in Costco, pricewise. If you have a Costco membership and were lucky enough to run across one of the Kermanig kiosks - don''t hesitate to pitch the thirteen dollars their way and snag three packages. The family will love them.'

'My children cannot get enough of this product. I''ve never seen anything like this in my house as they can be quite picky. Five bags are gone in less than a week as they have them for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even for dinner!'

'The BEST coconut macaroons ever!\r\n\r\nSoft, moist, flavorful, delicate, and of course testy!'

'I was at costco in Modesto, Ca and happen to see this display, the man handing out samples. I tasted all of them, they were great, I bought some to bring home. I hope that you will please start selling them at costco in Modesto, Ca., or in Stockton, Ca., I go to both locations. My husband works swing shift so I dont have to cook really during the week and this is so good and is easy for me, I just serve with a salad to myself and feel like I ate pizza, WONDERFUL....'

'I too found the Focaccia''s at Costco in Modesto. I hope it will be available there frequently. The Spinach and Cheese is the best. Only 4 points on Weight Watchers too. Excellent product!'

'I absolutely love this bread. I could eat a whole package in one sitting. I usually heat it up in the oven on a cookie sheet on a thin layer of olive oil, under the broiler. One day, I couldn''t wait that long and just microwaved it. It was still fantastic. Not as good as the broiler, but it was still so good. I prefer to use garlic olive oil with mine. The texture is like deep dish pizza. The taste is just to die for.'

'Several weeks ago your company had a demo sale at one of our Costco stores in Tucson. To put it mildly, my wife loves pizza but is a fussy eater. As a gamble I picked up a bag nine focaccias and prepared a couple of them for lunch. She loved them, especially the fact that they are relatively healthy with low calories, low fat, and low sodium. Consequently, we went back the next day and bought three more bags. we have a large freezer. One of the Kermarie reps said that Costco won''t carry them because they are not mass produced. Shame as they would be a big seller.\r\n\r\nGreat job on a great product!'

'I top these with steemed brocclie and asparagas. They are wonderful!'

'I purchase your focaccias every time Costco, Tempe,AZ. samples them. They are wonderful and also a good Weight Watcher meal as they fit in with their point system. Very filling and delicious. I don''t have a favorite as every time I try a different one it becomes my favorite.'

'The veggie focaccia is delicious! It is so simple to heat up, the toppings are bursting with flavor, and the foccacia is simply divine bread. We are heading back to the MoVal Costco tomorrow in hopes that the foccacia goodness is still there! You have found lifelong customers in us!'

'Representatives were at our local Costco this weekend and I tasted the delicious focaccias. Being a skeptic, I checked out all the ingredients and even calculated the Weight Watchers points! These focaccias, in several variations, are all delicious, healthy, convenient and at a reasonable price. I am taking the information with me to my next Weight Watchers meeting to show them that one Spinach focaccia, to which I added some sliced zucchini, chives and thinly sliced tomatoes, was only 3 Points! This is amazine since when accompanied by a side salad makes a gourmet feast! Thanks for the great job you are doing!'

'These are absolutely out of this world great! A quick tasty satisfying meal by itself....or great as the main bread of a meal. Wish they were stocked by Costco ALL THE TIME!'

'While my Veggie Focaccia is cooking, I put a little olive oil in another pan with some chopped garlic and chicken strips, once those are all done, I cut up the chicken and put onto of the Focaccia, then put a lid on it for a minute then cut it like a pizza, WOW is that good! Its a low fat lunch and very good.'

'My husband was at the San Bernardino Costco and brought the Spinach & Chesse home. I ate only a 1/3rd making sure the calorie count wouldn''t be too much. I loved it so much we went back and bought more for the freezer after hearing that the Weight Watcher points were 3 - 5 points fantastic. Today I told all my co-workers about the product. I do not want to run out so I just called my husband and told him to go and buy 2 more packages. I love the Cheese & Garlic also. You need to list where you will be selling these. I will drive all over town to buy them. Great Product!!!!!!!!'

'I judt wsnt to say my sister bought some pizza from you when you were demonistration at Costco in Oxnard, CA some time ago. I would hope you would come back or sell them thru Costco. PLEASE PLEASE\r\nThank You'